1996, International Expò in Nice, (France)
(for the Autonomous Regional Government of Sardinia)

1997, Prize contest in the Autogrill d’Italia to promote Sardinian products
(for the Argia Consortium and the Regional Ministry for Agriculture

1998, Genoa Boat Show
(for the Cagliari Harbour Authority)

1998, Stonetech, Nuremberg (Germany)
(for the Orosei Marble and Granite Consortium)

1998, Recognition of the Geological and Mining Park by UNESCO (for account of EMSA)

1998 and 1999, Public Administration Forum in Rome (Italy)
(for the Brotzu Hospital Company in Cagliari, Italy)

1999, Seatrade in Miami (Florida, USA)
(for the Cagliari Harbour Authority)

1999, ChinaTransport Expo in Beijing (China)
(for the Cagliari Harbour Authority)

Various national and international congresses

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